Convert Vodacom Airtime Into Minutes

Convert Vodacom Airtime Into Minutes, Buy Vodacom Airtime In South Africa

Are you seeking to buy a voice bundle on Vodacom South Africa? Or you want to convert your Vodacom airtime into data? In today’s Vodacom guide, we have dedicated this page to give you all the details about how you can convert airtime to minutes on Vodacom to buy a voice bundle.

One of the main reasons we can not do away with our cellphone is because of communication.

Every day we call our family and friend to check upon them.

In the business field, you much keep contact with your clients and business partners, which is why you can not do away with talk time on your phone.

Voice bundle helps a lot to keep in touch with everyone, so let see what you need to turn your Vodacom airtime into minutes and buy a Vodacom voice bundle in South Africa.

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What Is The Vodacom USSD Code For Buying Voice Bundle

The Vodacom USSD code for buying a voice bundle is *111*.

You can access it on any Vodacom prepaid SIM, and you are not charged for accessing it.

It is not only voice bundles you can use to buy, but you can access the same USSD code to buy all Vodacom bundles.

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Requirement To Convert Airtime Into Minutes In South Africa

Below are the things you need to convert your Vodacom airtime into minutes:

  • Vodacom SIM with enough airtime to buy weekly or daily Vodacom voice bundle.
  • Cell phone (Smart or Analog).

Those are the things you need to convert your Vodacom airtime into a voice bundle.

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Steps To Convert Your Vodacom Airtime Into Minutes

To successfully buy a Vodacom voice bundle, follow these basic steps:

1. Dial *111* on your Cell phone.

2. Select “Buy Bundles” from the menu.

3. Next, choose ‘Voice Bundles.”

4. Now, choose the type of voice bundle you are buying either weekly or daily.

5. Choose the preferred amount you want to buy.

6. Now, confirm to buy your voice bundle.

7. Your airtime will be deducted and converted to a voice bundle equivalent to the value you purchased.

That is how you can buy a voice bundle on Vodacom.

How To Buy Minutes On Vodacom

If you want to buy Vodacom Minutes, follow the basic steps below:

  • Dial *135# on your Vodacom line to buy the Minutes.
  •  After that, select the actual Vodacom Minutes package you want to buy.
  • Finally, confirm your options and complete the buying process.

That is how to buy Vodacom Minutes in South Africa.

Airtime FAQs

What is Vodacom airtime?

Vodacom airtime is the amount of time you are allowed to make a phone call using your cellphone. When you buy airtime on Vodacom South Africa, you are allowed a certain amount of talk time when you can make a call.

What is the Vodacom airtime code?

The official code you need to dial for Vodacom Airtime is *111#. Meaning, when you dial the airtime code *111# on your cellphone, you can buy airtime on Vodacom South Africa.

What is Vodacom airtime advance?

Vodacom airtime advance is basically a talk time given to you when you run out of credit. You can use your airtime advance for your calls and pay later.

How can I load Vodacom airtime?

If you want to load airtime on your Vodacom line, dial the code *111# on your cellphone.

What is airtime used for?

If you have an airtime on your phone, then here are some of the things you can use your airtime for?
Make local calls.
Make international calls.
Convert your aritime to data bundle.
Use your airtime to send SMS.

How do I buy Vodacom airtime?

To buy airtime on your Vodacom line, dial the USSD code *111# and press the send button. Follow the basic steps on the screen to select the package you want to buy for your airtime.

How much does Vodacom airtime cost?

How much you are charged for airtime depends on the package you select.
To know how much Vodacom airtime costs in South Africa, please visit the official website for more information.

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