Vodafone Ghana Shortcodes

Vodafone Ghana Shortcodes, 2023, All Vodafone USSD Codes & How To Use Them

The transcendent strive in our telecommunication fraternity has been no less thing to talk about.

We have accelerated farther from the days of sending people to deliver messages through to the telegraph as means of communication.

With Ghana being rated as one of the fastest developing countries in sub-Saharan Africa, mobile phones as the surest channel for communication have been on the fastest run.

Mobile phones, just as other communication devices, require certain protocols to remain functional.

What Is Are Vodafone Ghana Shortcodes

Vodafone shortcodes are well-defined and listed numerical functions and symbols used for the execution of specific tasks.
Per the definition above, mobile shortcodes are essential to phone usage.

They provide phone users with a wide range of social assistance, like customer care, social intervention schemes, among many others.

With its customers at heart, Vodafone Ghana has provided its clientele with a shortcode to help improve customers’ relations with them.

Vodafone Ghana shortcodes are exclusive to only Vodafone Ghana users. They need to dial the codes to access its functionality.

For new customers to access these shortcodes, they will require:
• Registered Vodafone SIM card
• Mobile Phone

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How To Register Vodafone SIM Card In Ghana

The registration of Vodafone SIM cards in Ghana is essentially the work of their accredited agents. However, to register your Vodafone SIM, you require the following:
• Recognize Ghana national identification card (ID)
• Vodafone SIM card

Below is the list of Vodafone Ghana shortcodes:

100 Call center
Call me back
600 Phone Number Porting
Access code for fixed prepaid lines
*150# Roaming Service
VIS (Vodafone Information Service)
Check Account balance
Vodafone Voucher Recharge
Reseller balance
Swipe the card service menu access
To check bundle balance
Check Vodafone mobile number
General news
*200# Vodafone Red offer
SOS credit
Check & Buy Vodafone data Bundles
Vodafone Agent Sim registration
Vodafone live radio
Deactivating from Vodafone Mini Pack
Vodafone Fibre Broadband Bill payment & Check Balance
To check for your sim registration details
Vodafone Micro payment
Super Hour
Vodafone Good Morning
Vodafone Unlimited Offers
Vodafone Cash
Vodafone Cash Agent Helpline
Vodafone Agent Application Code
Register Vodafone Cash by sending register to the shortcode
Made For Me Offer
Yendi Agoro
Number For Life
Vodafone Supreme
*556# Vodafone Vim offers
Vodafone X
##21# or ##002# Deactivate from VF Minipack

Vodafone provides the best customer-friendly platform for its users. With all of these codes available, customer relation ceases not to be boring.

That s all we have for you about Vodafone Ghana shortcodes. Ensure you use every code for the right purpose as stated in the table. Also, we shall do our best to update this guide regularly with any relevant information we come across.

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