Here are the steps on how to load airtime on Vodacom

How To Load Vodacom Airtime – Recharge Airtime On Vodacom With Voucher

Are you out of Vodacom airtime? Then you must load airtime to continue enjoying your lengthy call with family and friends, but how do you load Vodacom airtime?

You are in the right place, and in today’s Vodacom guide, we shall give you the right procedure to load airtime on Vodacom in simple steps.

Customers using Vodacom prepaid cards must load airtime to recharge their Vodacom accounts to keep enjoying Vodacom services, including calls, internet, SMS, and many more.

Recharging your Vodacom prepaid SIM can be done through various means, but we shall focus on recharging your Vodacom SIM with a voucher card in this guide.

What Is The Vodacom USSD Code For Loading Airtime In South Africa

The Vodacom USSD code for loading airtime is *136*01*.

Suppose you have to load airtime, you will enter the recharge code, and without leaving space, you will enter your voucher recharge PIN and add a hash (#) before you dial.

It is accessible to all Vodacom prepaid customers, and you are not charged any fee for using it.

Let’s see what you need to load airtime on Vodacom SIM.

Requirements To Recharge Airtime On Your Vodacom Device

Below are the things you need to load airtime onto a Vcodacom prepaid SIM:

  • Active Vodacom prepaid SIM
  • Vodacom voucher card
  • Cell phone

Those are the things you need to recharge Vodacom airtime.

Now, let’s see how you can load the airtime on your phone.

Steps To Load Vodacom Airtime To Recharge Your Account

To successfully load Vodacom airtime, follow these simple procedure:

1. Insert the Vodacom SIM you want to load the voucher onto your cellphone.

2. Make sure you have a Vodacom network signal on your cellphone.

3. Wipe the voucher card gently to reveal the recharge digits

4. Now, dial *136*01*Recharge PIN#. Example 136*01*2345678922#, where the 2345678922 is the voucher recharge PIN.

5. Your account will be recharged instantly with the prices airtime you bought.

6. You will receive airtime indicating a successful recharge.

That is how you recharge Vodacom airtime in South Africa.

How Do I Activate Vodacom Credit On My Device

To activate Vodacom airtime, dial 136*01* followed by your voucher recharge number with # to recharge the airtime on your phone.

Once you have successfully loaded the airtime onto your phone, your airtime is activated automatically, and you can start using it.

Airtime FAQs

How can I load Vodacom airtime?

If you want to load Vodacom airtime in South Africa, follow the steps below:
Insert your Vodacom SIM into your phone.
Wipe the voucher card to reveal the recharge digits.
Dial dial *136*01*Recharge PIN#.
Wait a few minutes for the airtime to load successfully.

How Do I Activate Vodacom Credit On My Device

To activate Vodacom airtime, dial 136*01* followed by your voucher recharge number with # to recharge the airtime on your phone.

What is the recharge code for Vodacom?

The official recharge code for Vodacom South Africa is *136*01*Voucher PIN#.

What is Vodacom airtime?

Vodacom airtime is the amount of time you are allowed to make a phone call using your cellphone. When you buy airtime on Vodacom South Africa, you are allowed a certain amount of talk time when you can make a call.

What is Vodacom airtime code?

The official code you need to dial for Vodacom Airtime is *111#. Meaning, when you dial the airtime code *111# on your cellphone, you can buy airtime on Vodacom South Africa.

How much does Vodacom airtime cost?

How much you are charged for airtime depends on the package you select.
To know how much Vodacom airtime cost in South Africa, please visit the official website for more information.

How do I buy Vodacom airtime?

To buy airtime on your Vodacom line, dial the USSD code *111# and press the send button. Follow the basic steps on the screen to select the package you want to buy for your airtime.

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