Vodacom Airtime Advance

Vodacom Airtime Advance, Borrow Airtime & Pay Later

Have you ever heard about the Vodacom airtime advance service? Well, it might surely ring a bell if you borrow airtime on your Vodacom number.

Airtime Advance service helps you get airtime for your urgent needs so you can pay later. In other words, you can call it a Vodacom airtime loan.

We all know how valuable airtime is when accessing Vodacom services. It is almost the currency to buy everything, and if you have it, you can buy minutes, data bundle, SMS, subscribe to services, and many others.

So, airtime is very important, and it because frustrating when you are out of airtime, especially when you are on a lengthy call with an old time friend talking about your old days together.

Yes, that isn’t very pleasant.

But would you believe me when I tell you you can no longer run out of airtime?

Well, that is a fact. Vodacom South Africa has introduced a service called credit advance, and as the name suggests, you can get airtime and pay it later.

So, just like we borrow money from banks, you can now borrow airtime on Vodacom.

Suppose you are new to this service. Let me show you how to sign up and register to borrow airtime.

Vodacom Airtime Advance

Vodacom airtime advance is a service accessible only by Vodacom subscribers in South Africa that allows Vodacom Top-up, and uChoose customers to get airtime and pay later. You can use the airtime advance to borrow airtime and pay when you recharge your account if you are eligible.

Not only are you allowed to borrow airtime, but you can borrow data bundles too. Now that you will be charged an access fee of R1 for any amount of airtime you borrow.

How To Qualify For Vodacom Airtime Advance

To qualify for airtime advance on Vodacom, your number must be at least 3 months old and have a cumulative recharge of R29 every month for the past 3 months.

That means that you must recharge at least R29 every month for the past 3 months to qualify for airtime advance.

How Do I Know I Qualify For Airtime Advance

To know you qualify for Vodacom airtime advance, you can dial *135*082#, or you can dial *135# and follow the menu prompt to check if you qualify for airtime advance.

Suppose you have checked but are not eligible. You must continue to use the service and but airtime more than R29 each month for about 3 months and check again.

Airtime Advance USSd Code

To access or get airtime advance on Vodacom, you must dial *135*082#. The service is available to all Vodacom prepaid, uChoose, or Top-up customers. Note that when you use the service to borrow airtime, you will be charged a fee of R1, which will be deducted whenever you pay back.

Can I Borrow Data On Vodacom

Yes, you can use the airtime loan service to borrow a data bundle on Vodacom. Remember that you can use any amount of data up to 125MB.

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