Vodacom Upgrade Check

Vodacom Upgrade Check, Find Out When You Will Be Due To Upgrade

Vodacom upgrade check rings a bell, right? Yes, if you are a contract customer and your initial period on your current contract is due, you might surely want to check your upgrade due date.

When you sign up for a Vodacom deal, you have from 12 to 24 months to exhaust your initial contract offer. After that period you must upgrade your contract.

Also, sometimes your initial contract still has some time to run out, but if you wish to upgrade, they have the option for you to do an early upgrade.

However, before you think about upgrading your current Vodacom contract, you must do an upgrade check.

If that is what you seek, here is a guide with step-by-step guidelines on how to check your Vodacom contract due date.

Knowing when your Vodacom contract expires or when you are due for an upgrade is very important as it gives you more time to prepare yourself and also choose from available offers suitable for you.

However, the fascinating news is that you can check your upgrade due date from my Vodacom app in your account.

Kindly read below to find out how you can perform the process.

What Is Vodacom Upgrade Check

Vodacom upgrade check is a service that allows contract customers to know when they are due for an upgrade on the current contracts or deals. Usually, you can check for an upgrade on your current contract when you are almost 2 months away from exhausting your deal.

Requirements For Upgrade Check

You need these things for upgrade check:

1. My Vodacom App

2. Vodacom account login details

3. Your contact phone number.

How To Do Vodacom Upgrade Check

For a Vodacom upgrade check, follow the steps below:

1. Kindly open the My Vodacom App on your phone.

2. Next, enter your Vodacom login details to sign in to your account on the app.

3. Once you have a login to your Vodacom account on the app, navigate to my upgrades.

4. You will receive SMS when you are due for an upgrade, but if you are due, available deals made for you will display.

What Is Upgrade Check Fee

Vodacom does not charge you a fee to know your upgrade due date. That means that whenever you want to check your upgrade date, it is free, and you do not need to pay any fee.

Can I Upgrade My Contract Before My Due Date

Yes, you can upgrade your current deals on Vodacom before the due date. However, if you want to do an early upgrade, you must reach out to Vodacom as they determine when you can upgrade.

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