Vodacom Shake

Vodacom Shake, 2023, How Qualify & Register For Vodacom Shake

If you are a Vodacom subscriber in South Africa and you love freebies, it is time to get on board today on the Vodacom Shake program.

The Vodacom shakeup rewards you for doing things you always do on the platform, including making calls, buying airtime, using their services, and many others.

With the shakeup, you get daily rewards, including points that you can spend on the Vodabucks store.

Not only are you loaded with free data bundle and airtime to make calls or browse the internet, but you stand a chance of winning gadgets or devices like smartphones, cars, laptops, and many others.

Since the program started, it has continued every year, and if you are not yet on it, you can sign up on the Voda App or through the Shake USSD code.

Vodacom Shake

Vodacom shake is a program that rewards customers for using their services, including making calls, buying airtime, spending reward points in Vodabucks store online.

So you do what you always do, and you are rewarded with freebies like data bundles, airtime, Vodabucks, and many others.

What Is Vodacom Shake Code Number

The Vodacom shake USSD code is *133#. It is available to all Vodacom prepaid subscribers. You can use it to register for a shake every day and access the service to win data, minutes, airtime, and other prizes.

How Do I Register On Vodacom Shake

If you want to register or join the Vodacom shakeup program, you can download and install the My Vodacom App on your phone and log in to your account to access the service on the app. Also, you can sign up by dialing *133# to register.

How Much Does Vodacom Shake Cost

Vodacom shake costs 5 VodaBucks for a mega shake on the app; however, you get two free shakes every day. After your free shake, every shake you make shall be charged from your VodaBucks points.

Is Vodacom Shake Up Legit

Yes, the Vodacom Shakeup program is legit, and you visit their website that knows all the previous winners and the prizes awarded to them. Many people are winning every day on the Shakeup program, so it’s time you sign up for it as it is an official Vodacom product.

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