How To Recharge On Vodacom

How To Recharge On Vodacom South Africa 2023 Guide

Do you want to know how to recharge Vodacom in South Africa? You have come to the right place, and in this guide, you shall know all the available ways you can quickly use to recharge your account.

Accessing Vodacom services requires that you always have enough airtime, data bundles, voice, SMS, and many others.

As much as it will depend on the service you want to access from the network, you should always ensure that you have enough to access the service you want.

Before you can stay online for as long as you wish, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have recharged your account with enough Vodacom data bundles.

If it is a call you want to make or talk to your lovely ones and a phone, you should recharge your account with enough airtime.

Sometimes you will be on a call, and your call will be terminated due to your airtime being exhausted, or your voice data bundle finished.

It is very frustrating in such an experience, and when that happens to get yourself back on track, you must recharge your account.

Someone may ask, how do I recharge on Vodacom?

Well, if you are seeking an answer to that and want to find a convenient way to top up your Vodacom account, kindly read below to find out the right procedures to follow.

What Is Vodacom Recharge

Vodacom recharge is a service that allows customers to buy airtime, data bundle, voice, SMS, and subscribe to services on Vodacom. There are many ways customers can use to recharge their Vodacom accounts, including online, USSD code, third-party mobile applications, bank recharge, and many others.

Although each one of the recharge options gives you the same results, not all of them have the same delivery time.

That means that if you need your recharge to be done quickly, you must use the fastest option to top up your account.

Ways To Recharge On Vodacom In South Africa

Below are the available ways you can use to recharge your account:

1. My Vodacom app

2. Vodacom recharge USSD code

3. Bank.

What You Need To Top Up A Vodacom Account

If you want to top up on Vodacom, below are the basic things you need:

1. Vodacom number you want to recharge

2. Type of recharge you want to do (Airtime, Data, Voice, SMS, etc.).

3. Mode if recharge( online, or USSD)

4. Amount of airtime, data, voice, or SMS you want to buy.

How To Recharge Airtime On Vodacom

To successfully top-up airtime on Vodacom, dial *136*01*Voucher PIN# on the number you want to load the airtime on. Example *136*01*3637383836#. Instantly, your account will be credited with the exact amount of airtime on the voucher card.

How To Recharge Voice On Vodacom

If you want to buy voice on Vodacom, please ensure you have enough airtime on your phone and dial *111#, choose to buy bundles, and select voice bundles to follow the prompt and purchase your desired voice bundles.

How To Recharge Data On Vodacom

To recharge data on Vodacom using airtime, dial *135*1002# on the mobile phone you want to purchase the data for and follow the prompt on your screen to buy a data bundle of your preferred amount to your account.

How To Buy SMS Bundle On Vodacom

Follow the steps below to buy an SMS bundle on Vodacom:

1. Kindly dial *111#.

2. Choose option 2 for buy bundles

3. Next, select option 5 for SMS bundles.

4. Follow the prompt on your screen to purchase your desired SMS package.

That is how to buy Vodacom SMS.

How Much Does Vodacom Recharge Cost

You are not charged any fee when you recharge on Vodacom. However, if you are recharging from a bank, you may be charged a transaction fee, depending on your bank.



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