Vodacom Using Airtime Instead Of Data

Vodacom Using Airtime Instead Of Data, 2023, Follow These Steps To Fix It

Is your Vodacom using airtime instead of data? That usually happens, but the most annoying thing is that it makes your airtime finish quickly. That issue has been a pin in the neck of many Vodacom users.

A few days after we have published a guide on why Vodacom airtime finish quickly, we received tons of emails from numerous Vodacom subscribers asking why Vodacom using airtime instead of data.

However, we did a thorough investigation to find out why that happens, and we found out that is not a fault from Vodacom’s end but its just a service that some user might have activated unknowingly.

For that reason, we have dedicated this guide to help you and give you full details about why your airtime is being deducted when browsing instead of data. We shall give you a step by step guidelines on how to disable airtime browsing on your Cellphone.

Why Is Vodacom Using Airtime Instead Of Data

Vodacom may use your airtime instead of data when you have pay as you go browsing data activated on your account.

With the pay as you go browsing, you are charged out of bundle rates for using the internet, especially when your bundles finish.

That means that when your bundle is finished, Vodacom will keep you active online by charging you from your main airtime balance.

Also, sometimes even if you have data, the system will charge your browsing from your airtime once you have out of bundle rates activated on your cell phone.

How To Stop Vodacom Using Airtime Instead Of Data

To stop Vodacom from using airtime instead of data, follow the steps below:

1. Dial *135# on your Cellphone

2. Choose “Services.”

3. Next, select “ Out of Bundle Limit Lock.”

4. Select the “ Data Limit Lock.”

5. Now, select “opt-out/opt-in Data limit lock.

6. Choose “Data Limit Lock” to access the OOB data limit.

7. Now, set your limit to R.01.

8. Complete the process.

9. Once you have set up the out of bundle data limit, you will receive a notification via SMS from Vodacom within 24 to 48 hours.

That is how to stop Vodacom from using your airtime instead of a bundle.

Contact Vodacom Customer Care To Deactivate Pay As You Go Browsing

If your Vodacom airtime is being deducted instead of the data bundle, you can contact Vodacom customer care on 082135 to fix it for you.

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