Vodafone Ghana Data Bundles

Vodafone Ghana Data Bundles, 2023, How To Buy, Prices, Data Allocation & Validity

Vodafone Ghana has been one of the leading names in the telecommunication framework in Ghana. Since its inception as a mobile network in Ghana, it has not ceased to thrill its customers with super amazing and life-supporting packages such as Vodafone cash, Vodafone SOS, to name a few.

Why Vodafone Ghana Bundles

Today, the world has been termed a “Global Village” has circumscribed a technological arena called the “Internet” where all people from different spaces can relate with one another.

The life-giving element of the internet is the “Data Bundle,” without which internet access becomes impossible.

Bundle offers (especially data bundles) have become one of our everyday lives’ money-demanding aspects.

Hence, numerous ways have been devised that are technologically unethical to curb this excess money demand for data bundles.

Who will never want to pay less for satisfying bundle packages? Your guess is as good as mine.

This is why Vodafone Ghana has decided to give its customers a wide range of affordable and reliable data plans to choose from.

How To Access Vodafone Ghana Bundles

To access Vodafone Ghana bundles, the parameters listed below are essential:
• Vodafone SIM
• Internet access
• Mobile phone / any data connection device

Requirements To Buy Vodafone Data Bundles Ghana

Below are the things you need to buy Vodafone internet data bundles in Ghana:

1. Vodafone Ghana data bundle USSD Code *700#

2. Voda Cash

3. Airtime

4. Vodafone Ghana SIM Card

5. Any phone that can make a call.

How To Buy Vodafone Data Bundle In Ghana

To successfully buy Vodafone data in Ghana, follow these steps:

1. Dial *700#

2. Select option 1, “Buy Data.”

3. Next, choose from the available data packages, from daily, weekly, and Monthly.

4. Next, choose the amount of data you want to buy.

5. Select the payment mode, either airtime or Vodafone Cash Wallet.

6. Instantly, you will receive a notification about your bundle purchase.

7. Now, dial *126# to check your Vodafone data balance.

That is how to buy a Vodafone data bundle in Ghana.

Vodafone Ghana Data Offers:

Offer Price (GH ¢) Allocation Validity

Vodafone Ghana Daily Bundle Offers

3.25 550MB 24 Hours
5.40 1GB 2 Days

No Expiry Offers

0.50 25MB + 25MB (12am – 4am) No Expiry
1.00 60MB + 60MB (12am – 4am) No Expiry
2.00 150MB + 150MB (12am – 4am) No Expiry
5.00 600MB + 600MB (12am – 4am) No Expiry

Weekly Offers

10.00 1.5GB + 1.5GB (12am – 4am)
2 Moorch offers 15 Days
21.50 4GB 7 Days

Monthly Offers

20.00 4GB + 4GB (12am – 4am)
2 Moorch offer 30 Days
50.00 10GB + 10GB (12am – 4am)

Jumbo Offers

108.00 20GB 30 Days
215.00 40GB 30 Days
322.00 100GB 30 Days
30.00 200GB 30 Days

Hourly & Night Offers

1.08 500MB 1 Hour
2.15 2GB 1 Hour
2.15 2GB 12am – 4am
5.40 7.5GB 12am – 4am

With numerous options to choose from, you can never go wrong and out of stock with Vodafone. Simply dial *700# to buy an offer today.

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