Difference Between Vodacom Airtime And Voice

Difference Between Vodacom Airtime And Voice, Find Out Here

Maybe you love making calls with your airtime or browse the internet all day, but people have a different understanding of airtime and talk time. But what is the difference between Vodacom airtime and voice?

We are here to put an end to such an argument in your mind, and in today’s guide, we shall give all the differences between Vodacom airtime and voice.

Like I said earlier, people buy airtime for numerous purposes, including calls, data bundles, SMS, and many others.

However, there is a traditional perception that airtime is only meant for voice calls, which is wrong as it can be used for many other kinds of stuff rather than voice calls.

Now, you can buy data bundles, talk time, SMS, and WASP services with airtime, and for that reason, you need it to buy other services.

So, in other words, it serves as cash you can use to purchase other services from your network provider.

Difference Between Vodacom Airtime And Voice

The table below is the differences between airtime and voice:

Vodacom Airtime      Vodacom Voice
Airtime can be used to make voice callsVoice is the amount of talk time purchase with airtime
Airtime can be used to buy data bundlesVoice can not be used for anything except calls
Airtime can be converted to voiceVoice can not be converted back to airtime
You can access subscriber services with airtimeVoice can only make calls

What Is The Difference Between Vodacom Airtime And Talk Time

Talk time is the number of minutes you have purchased with airtime to make calls. While airtime is like electronic cash, you need to buy the talk time. Also, talk time is only for calls, whereas airtime can be converted to data, voice, SMS, etc.

Is Talk Time The Same As Voice

Yes, Vodacom talk time is the same as voice. When you recharge airtime onto your phone and purchase or convert it to voice, you are given a number of minutes you can use to make voice calls which are called talk time.

That is all you should know about the difference between Vodacom airtime and voice

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