Does Vodacom Billing Use Airtime

Does Vodacom Billing Use Airtime, Answered In This Guide

Are you aware Vodacom carrier billing use airtime? Most customers often ask, does Vodacom Billing use airtime? So, in today’s Vodacom guide, we shall share with you details about Vodacom airtime billings.

With the increasing online payment and services, the network provides numerous ways to make digital payments online.

For that reason, Vodacom has introduced carrier billing, a service that allows subscribers to buy or make purchases online with their cell phones.

Maybe, you have not heard about this or even don’t know how to use airtime billings on Vodacom. Worry not. You will know how it works by the end of this guide.

Does Vodacom Billing Use Airtime

Yes, Vodacom carrier billing uses airtime. Especially for a prepaid customer, you can make a payment or buy game credit, apps, and other services on the Google play store with airtime.

Remember you must add Vodacom carrier billing to your Google play store account as a payment method before you can make payment on play store with carrier billing.

How Can I Use Vodacom Carrier Billing

To use the Vodacom carrier billing, you must set it up on your Google play store app, add new payment, carried billing and link it to your Vodacom account.

So.metimes, you might be prompted, “You are not eligible.” You don’t need to worry as, at times, a technical challenge from Vodacom can cause that.

So you can wait for some time and try again later, but in case all attempts to set up the services do not work, you can visit the nearest Vodacom store to get it done.

Does Vodacom Carrier Billing Charge Fees

Once you have set up Carrier Billing on your Vodacom account, all billings will be charged from your account, airtime, or your monthly bills.

So when you use Vodacom carries billing to make payments, all charges will be billed from your Vodacom account and added to your contract for the month.

That is all we have for you on Vodacom carrier billing.

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