How To Buy Minutes On Vodacom

How To Buy Minutes On Vodacom South Africa

Are you seeking to make a lengthy call that requires you to get more minutes? Kindly read this guide to find out how to buy minutes on Vodacom in South Africa.

Do not be confused here when you hear about a minute because it is not the same thing as airtime. Usually, most people confuse airtime as minutes or voice, but the fact is that they are a different thing altogether.

Airtime is this like a currency that you can use to purchase data, voice, SMS minutes, and other services on the network, but minutes it’s like voice airtime that you can use to make only calls either between Vodacom to Vodacom numbers or Vodacom to other networks.

There are various ways you can use to buy minutes onto your Vodacom number, including buying it online through the my Vodacom app or via the Vodacom USSD code using airtime.

However, the most convenient and fastest way to buy minutes on Vodacom is to use airtime.

Suppose you have enough airtime on your phone. Let me show you how to buy minutes on your Vodacom number.

But even before we can proceed like that, find out what is Vodacom minutes.

What Is Vodacom Minutes

Vodacom minutes are voice bundles you can use to make calls between Vodacom to Vodacom numbers and Vodacom to other networks. Remember that all minutes bundles come with a duration within which they will expire.

Sometimes when you buy more minutes, your remaining minutes will be rolled over with the new ones you bought.

How Does Vodacom Voice Work

Vodacom voice bundle works in such a way that whenever you want to make a call, you will be charged from your remaining minutes on your account and not directly from your airtime.

What Is The USSD Code To Buy Voice On Vodacom

The USSD code to buy minutes on Vodacom is *111#. It is accessible by almost all Vodacom subscribers, and you can use it to purchase any type of bundle you want, including voice, data, SMS, and more. Take note that you are not charged any fee for using this service.

Requirements To Purchase Minutes

Below are the things you need if you want to buy minutes:

1. Vodacom number you want to buy the voice bundle for.

2. Enough airtime to buy your desired minutes

3. USSD Code to buy minutes *111#.

How Buy Minutes on Vodacom

To successfully buy minute on Vodacom, kindly dial *111# on your cellphone and choose option 1 for buy bundles. Choose the “Voice Bundles” to proceed and select the amount of mine you want to buy and complete the transaction.

Once you have completed the purchase, your airtime will be deducted, and the exact minutes will be credited to your account.

Does Vodacom Minutes Bundles Expire

Yes, all Vodacom minute bundles have expiration duration, which means that the woman’s you buy a voice bundle on Vodacom, there is a time frame within which you must use it else it will expire.

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