How To Covert Vodacom Airtime Into Data

How To Convert Vodacom Airtime Into Data 2023/2024, Follow These Steps

Buying data bundles on Vodacom these days can be done in different ways. In today’s guide, you will know how to convert Vodacom airtime into data. It is very simple, and we shall give you a step-by-step guide on how to use airtime to buy data on Vodacom.

Often, we receive many messages from our Vodacom readers asking, “Can I convert Vodacom airtime into data”? It has always been effortless to buy a data bundle on Vodacom with airtimes.

However, to turn your remaining airtime into data, you can do that via the Vodacom USSD services menu, especially for Vodacom prepaid customers. It is one of the best options for you to purchase data on Vodacom.

The good news is that you don’t need a smartphone or internet connection to turn your airtime on Vodacom to data.

Suppose you have a lot of airtime on your Vodacom SIM and have run out of data. You don’t need to worry, as you can purchase data on Vodacom using airtime. But how can you buy a data bundle with airtime? Read below to find out.

Requirements To Convert Vodacom Airtime Into Data

Below are the things you need to convert airtime into internet bundle on Vodacom:

1. Enough airtime on your Vodacom number.

2. Vodacom prepaid SIM Card.

3. Cell phone.

4. Vodacom services menu USSD Code *135#.

Those are the things you need to buy data on Vodacom with airtime.

How To Convert Vodacom Airtime Into Data

To successfully convert your Vodacom airtime into data, follow the basic simple steps below:

1. Dial *135# on your Vodacom number to turn the airtime into a data bundle.

2. Choose the option to buy data bundles.

3. Numerous data bundles will be displayed on your phone screen.

4. Next, flip through the available data options, and select the amount of data you want to buy.

5. Ensure you have airtime enough to buy that.

6. Now, choose the option buy with airtime and proceed to convert it.

7. If you have enough airtime to buy that data, your airtime will instantly be converted into the exact amount you purchased.

8. You will receive a successful data purchase notification on your phone.

That is how to buy data with airtime on Vodacom.

Can Vodacom Contract Customers Convert Airtime Into Data

To convert airtime on contract plans into data depends on your contract terms and conditions.

However, prepaid customers can purchase data with airtime anytime. All you need is to dial *135#,” and you can buy any data amount equivalent to your airtime.

That is all we have for you in this guide. We shall do our best to add details to this guide. So, kindly check this page regularly so you don’t miss out on any updates.

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