Vodacom Business Data Deals

Vodacom Business Data Deals 2023/2024, Get Deal For 12 & 24 Months

Vodacom business data deals is a business contract with some special auto-activating features. This contract may be twelve to twenty-four months.

The Vodacom business data deal adds a lot of value to your business.

It enables your business to carry out more efficiently.

This is due to a strong connection offered by the Vodacom bundles. Do you wish to prosper your online business?

Don’t worry, you in the right place. The Vodacom business data deals are very cheap.

Additionally, you will be able to enjoy the endless internet. This article illustrates more about Vodacom business data deals.

Ways in which your Vodacom business data improves your business

The auto-activating feature normally allocates a 5000 MB data bundle.

When your existing bundle is depleted, the 500MB are automatically allocated to you.

Your business will be able to access endless internet connection

It is mainly modified for small businesses hence. This will enable your small business to grow faster.

Vodacom business data deals for 12 months

  • You can be able to buy the following bundles with a 12-month contract.
  • You can buy 2GB at R151
  • You can easily buy 3GB at the cost of R191
  • Buy 3 BG for a cost of R191
  • You can also buy 50GB at R907

Vodacom business data are available in different sizes.

Vodacom business data deals for 24 months

You can purchase the data bundles below for 24 months.

You can buy 2GB plus 2GB Free night calls at R110

With R 171, you can be able to buy 3GB plus 3GB free night owl data.

With R907, you can buy 50 GB anytime data plus 50 GB free night owl data.

The above Vodacom data deals are just simple. There are numerous data deals.

Therefore, you can be able to buy a lot of data to push you up to 24 months.

How to get 100gb on Vodacom?

Download my Safaricom app to start winning 100gigs of free data. You always open the app to get your free data. Buy the 100Gb as Vodacom data bundle to develop your business.

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