How To Buy Vodacom 1GB For R19 In South Africa

Buy Vodcaom 1GB For R19 – Steps To Buy Cheap Data On Vodacom South Africa

Do you need cheap data on Vodacom to surf the internet urgently? You can buy 1GB for R19 on Vodacom, which will last 24 hours (1 day). So, worry not, we are here with details to guide you on how to buy 1GB of data on Vodacom for R19.

However, before you can buy the Vodacom 1GB data for R19, you must be registered for Vodacom Express Recharge.

Now, someone may ask what Vodacom Express Recharge is? Read below to find out.

What Is Vodacom Express Recharge

Vodacom Express recharge is a new service that has been launched by Vodacom to assist Prepaid, Top-up, and uChoose customers on Vodacom to purchase airtime and data bundles using their credit or debit cards.

Vodacom Express Recharge is currently available to only Prepaid, Uchoose, and Top-up customers only.

With Vodacom Express Recharge, you can buy airtime or data bundles on the go, which means you can make Vodacom service purchase at any time.

So, you know you can buy 1GB on Vodacom for R19? See the procedure below.

What Is The USSD Code For Buying 1GB For R19 On Vodacom

The USSD shortcode for buying data and airtime on Vodacom Express Recharge is *135*02#.

It is available at any time, so you do not need to worry when you run out of airtime or data in the middle of the night, as you only need to dial *135*02# to access the Vodacom Express Recharge service.

How Do I Buy Vodacom 1GB For R19

If you want to buy Vodacom 1GB for R19, follow the steps below:

1. Kindly dial *135*02# on your Vodacom SIM.

2. From the menu prompt, choose option 4 for promotions.

3. Next, reply with “1” for 1GB for a day.

4. Again, choose option “1” for your Prepaid, uChoose, or Top-up number, or you can choose “2” for another number.

5. Pick option “1” to confirm

6. Next, press “OK” to continue.

7. Again, press “OK” to authorize payment.

8. Enter your debit or credit card number

9. In your card’s “Expiry date” and “Date of birth.”

10. Now, key in your “Bank card Pin” to complete your payment.

11. Once your transaction has been completed.

You will receive a text message from your card issuer while another one from Vodacom confirms a 1GB payment for R19.

That is how to buy Vodacom 1GB for R19.

How Long Does Vodacom 1GB For R19 Last

The Vodacom 1GB for R19 is valid for only one day. Once you have purchased 1GB of Vodacom data for R19, it will expire 24 hours from the time of purchase.

You can explore other Vodacom data bundles for your router or smartphone if you need either weekly, monthly, or Night Owl bundles.

Do I Get Charged For Buying Data Or Airtime On Vodacom Using My Debit Card

No, when buying data on Vodacom with your debit or credit card, you only pay for the airtime you purchased and the associated charges from your bank.

So, Vodacom does not charge you a fee for purchasing with your bank card. Your bank may charge you a little fee for using the card.

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