My Vodacom App Shake Everyday

My Vodacom App Shake Everyday – See How To Shake With My Vodacom App

Have you ever heard about My Vodacom app shake every day?

Well, I am not sure you are far away from it, but even if you have not heard of the Vodacom shake off, you are in the right place for all the details.

Vodacom loves to give back to its customers and the community. As a result, they have introduced a promotion called Vodacom shake.

Vodacom shake promotion is available to existing and new customers on Vodacom to win a share of 1billion VodaBucks and other prices each day. So, you can also call it Vodacom shake every day.

The chances are that not many are aware of such Vodacom promotion. For that reason, we have dedicated this Vodacom guide to share with you full details about the My Vodacom app shake every day.

So let’s begin with what the Vodacom shake-off actually means.

What Is Vodacom Shake Everyday

Vodacom shakeoff everyday is a promotion that Vodacom is running to give out 1 billion VodaBucks and other prices to existing and new Vodacom customers. It’s is vital to note that the Vodacom shake everyday promotion is available on only the My Vodacom App, WhatsApp, and USSD as participating channels.

Therefore, before you can participate in the Vodacom shake-off promo, you must download the My Vodacom App on your cellphone.

How Does The Vodacom Everyday Shake Work

Here is how the Vodacom Shake off everyday works. Once you have downloaded the My Vodacom App on your smartphone and logged in, Vodacom will present you with two free shakes every day.

In that case, you have two free shakes everyday, which means you can participate and win free VodaBucks.

Now, once you are logged into your Vodacom app, all you have to do is go to the Vodacom shake section in the app and kindly shake your phone till once it is complete, you win the puzzle pieces prize.

Once you are done with one, you can shake again for the second time for free. In case you love that shake and want to do more for more prizes, you must use 5 VodaBucks for one mega shake.

That is how the Vodacom app everyday shake works.

How Many Free Shakes Do You Get Daily On The My Vodacom App

You get two free shakes daily on the My Vodacom app. So, each day you can shake the My Vodacom app twice for free shakes everyday. Vodacom will give you two free shakes every day on the My Vodacom app.

How Do You Shake With My Vodacom App

To successfully shake with the My Vodacom app, follow the steps below:

1. Open the My Vodacom app on your cellphone.

2. Next, log into your Vodacom account via the My Vodacom app.

3. Once you are logged into the My Vodacom App, navigate to the Vodacom Shakeoff section.

4. Now, you will see the empty circle which you must shake to fill and complete one shake.

5. Kindly swings your hand that holds the phone up down or left to right till you see the shake is complete.

7. Once the shake is complete, and you will be presented with the prizes you won.

That is how you shake with the My Vodacom app.

Which Vodacom Customers Can Participate In The Vodacom Shakeoff

Below are the Vodacom customers who can take in the Vodacom Shakeoff:

1. Prepaid

2. Vodacom Top Up customers

3. uChoose customers

4. Vodacom Contract customers.

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