Vodacom Airtime For International Calls

Vodacom Airtime For International Calls, Best Airtime Plan To Call Abroad

Making international calls on Vodacom has become more flexible than you can ever wish, but you can only experience that when you get the best Vodacom airtime for international calls.

Hence, in today’s guide, we will share with you details of Vodacom voice calls abroad.

So if you want to call someone from outside South Africa, here is the best guide you should read.

Usually, people make international calls for many reasons, including family, friends, businesses, schools, jobs, etc.

Still, the most common reason people make calls to people abroad is to reach out to their family and friends outside SA.

In light of the above, if you have a friend or family living outside South Africa that you have not met for a long time, anytime you call them, the excitement and the conversation go on and on.

But how long do you talk to your friend abroad?

I am aware of the high call rate on international calls, but do not forget you need the best Vodacom airtime package for calls to people outside South Africa.

So, read below to find out how to make international voice calls on Vodacom at cheaper rates.

Vodacom South Africa Airtime For Making Calls Abroad

There are two main packages for international calling on Vodacom, including the following:

1. Standard International calls

2. International calling plus.

With any of the above, you can make calls abroad as much as you want.

However, the international calling plus package is for the customers who make more calls abroad.

Which Vodacom Airtime Is Best For International Calls

If you want the best voice bundle for international calls on Vodacom, you must upgrade from standard to international calling plus.

It offers you billing per second and astonishing lower call rates at the cost of R5 per month.

Does Vodacom Limit International Calls

Yes, international calls are limited for contract subscribers at R10,000, and once that limit is reached, you can not make any more calls unless you contact Vodacom customer care to upgrade your cap.

However, for prepaid, Top-up, and uChoose customers, you can make as many international calls as you wish.

That is all we have for you about Vodacom South AFrica airtime for international calls.

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