Vodacom Lesotho Airtime Transfer

Vodacom Lesotho Airtime Transfer, 2023, Simple Way To Transfer Airtime

Airtime is very significant to every Cellphone user, especially these days that smartphone has become rampant. The good news is that you can now share your airtime with a friend who needs some urgently, which is why Vodacom airtime transfer Lesotho is available.

Sometimes, your friends might reach out to you to buy them airtime, and in instances where you don’t have enough money to purchase some for them, it becomes very embarrassing.

Not anymore. Vodacom Lesotho now has an airtime transfer service, where you can transfer some of your remaining airtime balances to your family and friends on Vodacom at any time.

The service is very reliable and secured, and it does not take much of your time to complete the process.

However, if you don’t know how to go about it, we have dedicated this guide to share with you how to transfer credit on Vodacom in Lesotho. We shall also give you step-by-step guidelines on how to transfer credit on Vodacom in Lesotho.

So let us begin.

What Is The Vodacom Lesotho Airtime Transfer USSD Code

The USSD Code for transferring airtime on Vodacom in Lesotho is **123*01*. It is available at all times, and you can use it to transfer airtime of any amount. Remember this code is only available to Vodacom Lesotho customers.

Requirement To Send Airtime On Vodacom Lesotho

Below are the things you need to send airtime on Vodacom in Lesotho:

1. Vodacom Number you want to transfer airtime to.

2. Vodacom Lesotho credit transfer USSD code.

3. Cellphones

4. Amount of airtime you want to send.

Steps To Transfer Airtime on Vodacom Lesotho

To transfer airtime to your friends on Vodacom in Lesotho, follow these basic steps:

1. Dial *123*01*Vodacom number*Amount#.

2. Example *123*01*0956787325*R100#, where 0956787325 is the phone number you are transferring the airtime to, and R100 is the amount of airtime you are sending.

3. Next, to confirm your transfer, dial *123*02# and press send.

4. The exact amount of airtime you transferred will be debited and instantly credited to the phone number of the actual person you are sending the airtime to.

That is how to send airtime on Vodacom Lesotho.

Does Vodacom Lesotho Charge Fee For Airtime Transfer

Yes, when you send airtime on Vodacom in Lesotho, you pay a fee of M1.00. So whenever you send airtime from your account to another number on Vodacom in Lesotho, you will be charge M1.00 as a service fee.

That is all you must know on how to send call credit to your friends on Vodacom. We shall do our best to add more details to this guide.

So kindly check this page regularly to get all the information. Also, we will be happy if you can share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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