How Do I Check My Balance On Vodacom Modem

How Do I Check My Balance On Vodacom Modem 2023/2024

Do you own a Vodacom modem? It is important to monitor your usage to know how your data consumption rate. In today’s guide, we shall share how to check your balance on the Vodacom modem with you.

Whether you bought your Vodacom modem on a contract or have made a full payment, it is imperative to view your modem balance regularly.

However, you can view your Vodacom modem balance via various means, including the My Vodacom App, Vodacom online website, and USSD code.

If you seek to view your dongle balance and ask, “how do I check my Vodacom modem balance” then this guide has it all for you, so read carefully to the end and follow each procedure precisely.

Before we can begin, let’s see the things you need to check your Vodacom modem balance.

What Do I Need To Do Before I Can View My Vodacom Modem Balance

Before you can view your Vodacom router balance, you must link your modem or dongle data device number on the Vodacom website.

After you have linked your Vodacom router on the website, you can now follow the procedure to view your router balance.

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Requirements To View Your Vodacom Router Balance

To check your Vodacom modem balance, below are the things you need:

  • Your modem phone number
  • Email address used to register your modem account
  • Password
  • My Vodacom app
  • Smartphone or Computer

Those are the things you need to check your Vodacom dongle balance.

Note: You will obtain the above only when you have linked your modem number on the Vodacom website by registering an account for it.

 Now let’s see how to check your balance on the Vodacom modem.

How Do I View My Balance On Vodacom Modem Via My Vodacom App

To successfully check your balance on Vodacom modem, here are the steps to follow:

1. Open the My Vodacom app on your smartphone.

2. Enter your login details.

3. Click on “Login” to sign in to your account on the My Vodacom app.

4. Once you are logged in to your account, your Vodacom modem data balances will be displayed on your home screen.

5. You can also see your account usage summary, including your data consumption and other information, on your dashboard.

That is how to view your balances on the My Vodacom app.

It is not the only way to view your data account, as the online portal is also available to use.

Therefore read below to find out other ways to view your dongle balance online.

How To Check Your Vodacom Modem Balance Online 

Follow the steps below if you want to view your Vodacom modem balance online:

1. Open your web browser and visit the official Vodacom website here:

2. Enter your modem or dongle cell phone number in the first box.

3. Next, type in your modem account “Password.”

4. Ensure you have typed in your actual login credentials.

5. Now, click on “Next” to proceed and login to your account online.

6. Once you are logged into your Vodacom account online, you will see your modem balance displayed on your dashboard.

That’s is how you can view your Vodacom modem balance online.

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