Which Vodacom Customers Qualifies For Airtime Advance

Which Vodacom Customer Qualifies For Airtime Advance 2023/2024

Have you heard about Vodacom airtime loans and seeking which Vodacom customer qualifies for airtime advance? You are in the right place, and in today’s guide, we shall show you which customer can borrow airtime.

Periodically, Vodacom introduces new products to their cherished customers, which come with various offers, including airtime, data bundles, voice bundles, and many others.

However, these services usually are not available to all customers, either prepaid, Top-up, uChoose, or contract customers.

For that reason, it is vital you know which customers are eligible to access certain products on Vodacom.

In light of the above, it is a fact that not all customers can access Vodacom airtime advance, and if you are want to borrow airtime, read below to find out you are eligible.

Which Vodacom Customer Qualifies For Airtime Advance

Below customers qualifies for Vodacom airtime advance:

1. Prepaid

2. Top Up

3. uChoose

Those are the customers who qualify for airtime advance.

Can Contract Customers Get Airtime Advance

No, contract customers are not eligible to access airtime in advance.

That means that if you a contract customer on Vodacom, you are not qualified to borrow airtime, and hence if you want to access that, it will be possible only if you convert to prepaid, Top-up, or uChoose subscriber.

How Many Times Can I Get Airtime Advance

Eligible subscribers can get airtime advance for as many as 99 times without repaying in full the previous ones.

However, in case you have exhausted all 99 slots, you must pay all the rest in full amount before you can request for 100th, else your request will be declined.

Does Vodacom Give Data In Advance

Yes, just like airtime advance, you can request for data bundle in advance and pay for it on your next data recharge.

The good news is that you don’t need an application.

Once you qualify to borrow airtime, you can request data in advance.

So, you can borrow a data bundle on Vodacom anytime you run out of data.

That is all you should know about which Vodacom customer qualifies for airtime advance.

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