Vodacom Uncapped Data Deals

Vodacom Uncapped Data Deals 2023/2024, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Deals

Are you an internet enthusiast? Here is an interesting guide with details about Vodacom uncapped data deals.

Data is now part of our everyday activities, and to connects to your family and friends on the go via the internet you need an internet data bundle.

Vodacom, given its determination to offers the best data deals to its customers, has introduced uncapped data bundles.

Maybe you have heard about it, or today is your first time, whichever way it may be.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about Vodacom’s uncapped data offers.

The Vodacom data deals are cost-friendly and worth the value of your money.

Here are some of the deals.

What Are Vodacom Uncapped Data Deals?

The Vodacom uncapped Data deals include SMS bundles, MMS bundles, Night bundles, power bundles, voice bundles, bundle transfer, all-net bundles, mobile Internet Once-off data, and the mobile broadband once-off.

Make sure to read the details of the terms and conditions of the data deal you choose.

How Can I Access The Vodacom Uncapped Internet Bundle Offers?

The data deals can easily be accessed on your Vodacom South Africa handset.

To switch to power bonus, just dial 1187, which is free from your Vodacom phone.

To purchase on USSD, dial *135#.

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List Of Available Uncapped Vodacom South Africa Data Deals

Here are some of the Vodacom data plans and their prices:

1. The daily data bundles range from 20MB to 250MB at a price of R5 for the lowest and R27 for the 250MB.

2. The weekly subscriptions start at 100MB at R17 to 2GB for R120 only.

3. Not to forget the weekly night bundles, which include the 50MB and 1GB at only R20 and R49, respectively.

4. There is also a two-week subscription or fortnight subscription, which offers 1GB at R100.

5. The monthly data plan or 30 day bundles have the largest offers starting from as low as 15MB to 20GB. The prices start from R10 to around R1010.

6. Vodacom also allows its customers to pay earlier or upfront to get 30-day deals for three, six, or even twelve months. The price for the deals ranges from R29 to R5999.

7. Lastly, there is Vodacom’s starter back that has twelve allocations each 30 days. You can choose between a SIM-only deal or the starter pack, which includes a modem.

8. 1200MB for R149 this is for sim only and 100MB monthly

9. 1200MB for R229 inclusive of the modem and 100MB monthly

10. 2400MB for R399 inclusive of the modem and 200MB monthly

To switch to power bonus, just dial 1187, which is free from your Vodacom phone.

To purchase on USSD, dial *135#

Always refer to details of the terms and conditions of Vodacom for each data plan you will be purchasing.

The prices of the data plans may change or be altered by the company.

Pros of Vodacom data deals

Vodacom data deals are pocket-friendly. The price of the deals is worth the value you pay.

The data bundles offer a fast and strong internet connection.

That is all we have for you about Vodacom Uncapped data deals.

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