Vodacom Black Friday Data Deals

Vodacom Black Friday Data Deals 2023/2024, Subscribe To BlackFriday Offers

Today in this guide, we shall give you details about the Vodacom Black Friday data deals. You will know how to subscriber to black Friday offers on Vodacom in South Africa.

Black Fridays are like festive seasons that everyone waits for.

Once black Friday is due, goods and services offer huge discounted offers to customers all over the world.

Vodacom cannot be left behind.

Here is a look at Vodacom Black Friday data deals that will leave your mouth open.

What Are Vodacom Black Friday Data Deals In South Africa

The Vodacom Black Friday Data deals include the following: SMS bundles, MMS bundles, Night bundles, power bundles, voice bundles, bundle transfer, all-net bundles, mobile Internet Once-off data, and the mobile broadband once-off.

Always make sure to actually read the terms and conditions of the data deal that you choose.

How Can I Access The Vodacom Black Friday Deals?

The black Friday deals are usually available in the last week of November.

To switch to power bonus, just dial 1187, which is free from your Vodacom phone.

To purchase on the Black Friday offer with USSD, dial *135#

How Much Does Vodacom Black Friday Deals Cost?

The prices vary according to the amount of data you need.

There are sim-only data deals that range from 20GB to 80GB from R149 to R299.

There are more interesting deals that can be found on the Vodacom page on Black Fridays.

Advantages Of Subscribing To This Offer

1. Vodacom data deals are pocket-friendly.

The price of the deals is worth the value you pay, and it being a Black Friday, they are way more the value of your money.

2. The data bundles offer a fast and strong internet connection.

Hence perfect for browsing the internet, downloading files, watching quality videos, and so on.

Cons Of The Friday Offers

Once you miss Black Friday, you cannot get the deals at any other time. The deals are only available on Black Friday.

The data plans are usually high on demand on Black Friday; hence once out of stock, they cannot be restocked until the next Black Friday, which takes a year.

That is all we have for you on Vodacom Black Fridays data deals.

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