How To Use & Earn More VodaBucks

VodaBucks Guide, How To Use & Earn Voda Bucks In South Africa

Do you have enough VodaBucks stored? It might interest you to know how to spend VodaBucks. In today’s Vodacom guide, we shall give you all the full details about how to spend VodaBucks.

Vodacom does not joke with its customers.

Therefore, they prioritize the efforts to reward their customers for using their services, paying bills, buying data and airtime, and more.

As a result, they reward customers for continuing using Vodacom services with units called VodaBucks.

Maybe you have earned enough VodaBucks on your Vodacom account, but how do you spend VodacBucks? Their guide discusses how you can use VodaBucks.

So let’s begin with what is VodaBucks.

What Is VodaBucks

VodaBucks are units that Vodacom uses to reward customers who regularly use Vodacom services, including paying bills, buying airtime and voice bundles, data purchases, contract upgrades, and many more.

With VodaBucks, you can use them on so many Vodacom offers.

How Do I Earn VodaBucks

Below are some of the right things you can do to earn VodaBucks:

1. Pay your Vodacom bills

2. Recharge your Vodacom with airtime.

3. Purchase data bundles on Vodacom

4. Use Vodacom services regularly.

How To Earn VodaBucks Via The My Vodacom App

Below are the exact steps to follow if you want to earn more VodaBucks via the My Vodacom app:

1. Open the My Vodacom app on your cellphone.

2. Enter your login details to sign in to your Vodacom account.

3. Once you are logged into your account Via the My Vodacom app, click on “Earn VodaBucks.”

5. Next, setup or add goals.

6. Ensure you have completed your set goals.

7. Once you complete your set goals, Vodacom will reward you with VodaBucks.

Now that you have seen how to earn VodaBucks let’s find out how you can use VodaBucks.

What Do I Need To Spend My VodaBucks

Below are the things you need to spend your VodaBucks:

  • Vodacom SIM card.
  • Cellphone.
  • Available Vodacom network.
  • Enough VodaBucks earned in your Vodacom account.

Those are the things you need to use VodaBucks.

How Do You Spend VodaBucks

To successfully spend VodaBucks, follow the steps below:

1. Ensure you have enough VodaBucks stored.

2. Insert your Vodacom SIM card into a cellphone. The SIM card must be the same number you have earned the VodaBucks on.

3. Open your phone dial pad as if you are about to make a call

4. Next, dial *133# on your cellphone.

5. Next, you will see a menu pop up on your phone.

6. Make a selection from the menu and spend your VodaBucks.

7. Each selection you make may require a certain amount of VodaBucks use.

That is how to spend VodaBucks.

Finally, that is all the details and now you have an answer to the query “how do you spend VodaBucks“.

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