How to unsubscribe from Vodacom V-line service

How To Unsubscribe Vodacom V-Live Services, Steps To Cancel Subscriptions

Are you a subscriber of Vodacom V-Live services? We have detailed guidelines on unsubscribe from Vodacom V-Live services, and we shall provide you with the simplest way to unsubscribe from Vodacom services on your cell phone.

In our previous post, we gave you detail about the WASP services on Vodacom, which is offered by third-party companies.

Still, in the Vodacom V-Live services, it is internal, which means it comes from Vodacom directly.

So when you have a subscription to the Vodacom V-Live services, normally you get detailed information about it, and any time you face a challenge, you can reach Vodacom customer care for help.

Therefore, Vodacom V-Live services come with not many challenges, so when you do not need any of their services anymore, you can terminate the subscription at any time.

That is why we have dedicated this Vodacom guide to help you.

What Is Vodacom V-Live Service

Vodacom V-Live services is a platform launched by Vodacom to provided content subscription services to all Vodacom customers.

The Vodacom V-Live service platform has so many services available to all Vodacom subscribers, including games, bundle types, chatting services, Once-off purchases, and many more.

Let’s see the things you require to cancel Vodacom V-Live subscriptions.

Requirements To Unsubscribe From Vodacom V-Live Services Via USSD

Below are the actual things you need before you can cancel Vodacom V-Live subscription services:

1. Vodacom SIM you want to unsubscribe V-Live services from.

2. Cell phone (Smart or Analog)

Those are the things you need to unsubscribe from Vodacom.

Now, read below to know how to cancel Vodacom V-Live services.

Step To Unsubscribe From Vodacom V-Live Services Via USSD

To successfully unsubscribe from Vodacom V-Live services on your phone, follow these basic steps below:

1. Ensure you have inserted the Vodacom SIM you want to unsubscribe its services on your cell phone.

2. Check if you have a Vodacom network signal on your cell phone.

3. Now, dial *177# on your phone

4. Choose “Next.”

5. Now, select “Unsubscribe” to cancel your subscriptions.

That is how you can unsubscribe from Vodacom services via USSD on your phone.

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